Travel Entry Documents: Different Types and Examples

All travel documents you need to enter each country

Travel entry documents are an important part of international travel. It’s vital that you’re fully informed about which documents you need to enter your destination country.

Here you’ll find a detailed guide to travel documents around the world, including examples.

What Are Travel Entry Documents?

Travel entry documents are required by certain countries to manage and record the entry of travelers. This type of document includes:

  • Arrival cards
  • Entry and departure cards
  • Customs declarations
  • Health declarations

Entry documents provide important information about overseas visitors, such as:

  • Travel plans
  • Health status
  • Luggage

Differences between visas and travel entry documents

Visas and travel entry documents serve different purposes: a visa is a permit to enter and sometimes stay in a country for a specified period, while travel entry documents are used to declare personal details, health information, and goods being brought into the country.

While a visa focuses on the authorization of entry, travel entry documents focus on the specifics of the visit.

Visa requirements depend on your nationality and travel plans, while entry documents are usually mandatory for all travelers.

Travel Entry Documents by Country

Not all countries require a visa for entry, but many have entry document requirements.

Entry documents that work as a health declaration

Some entry documents also serve as a health declaration. For instance, the Singapore Arrival Card is used to record health information alongside travel details.

Customs declaration in addition to a visa

Some countries require both a visa and a customs declaration for entry, such as Indonesia and Brazil. This means travelers must have the proper visa and complete the necessary entry documents.

Entry documents for the following countries can be accessed online:


Requirements for Travel Entry Documents

The basic requirements for these documents usually include:

  • Personal details
  • Contact information
  • Passport data
  • Travel plans
  • Health status
  • Customs information
  • Valid passport
  • Email address
  • Credit or debit card

The specific requirements can vary depending on the country you plan to enter.


FAQS About Entry Travel Documents

  • Who needs a travel entry document?

    Anyone entering a country that requires such documents will need to complete them. This applies to both foreign visitors and, in some cases, returning residents.

  • How can I apply online for a travel entry document?

    Many countries offer online applications for their entry documents. To apply, you’ll typically need to follow the online application process, which includes providing the necessary information and documents.

  • Do I need a visa if I have a travel entry document?

    Yes, if the country you are visiting requires a visa for entry, having a travel entry document does not exempt you from this requirement. Both a visa and any required entry documents are necessary for travel to such destinations.

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