How Does It Work?

HandyVisas is a piece of cake, you can use our platform with ease.

HandyVisas User’s Guide

Get Started

To get started, all you need to do is choose a destination. You will instantly get a brief and informative summary of the requirements for a Travel Authorization. Furthermore, we offer an “Eligibility checker”, a useful tool that allows you to introduce your nationality and verify what type of electronic authorization is required.

If you’re eligible to apply online—it just takes one click to embark on a guided journey through the application process. Another effective tool is our “Visa Checker”, which will help you every time to figure out what is necessary to travel to your desired country.

Embassy information

Embassy visa information

On the other hand, if the checker indicates that an embassy or consular visa is required for your country of passport, in the blink of an eye you will get a full list of embassies of the specified country.

At HandyVisas we take an individual approach to every customer, given that travel authorizations requirements vary by country and also depend on the nationality of the traveler.

On our website there is a special section “Embassies” that contains a comprehensive list of international embassies, diplomatic missions, and consulates. No extra browsing is needed, we facilitate a huge database in one place because we value the traveler’s time and offer swift solutions.

Health Certificates Information

Health certificates

There is more we have to offer. On our platform you can find out how to get health declaration forms and certificates for tourist destinations, taking into consideration that these documents were made essential travel requirements.

The COVID-19 pandemic took its toll on the world and new entry rules brought a lot of confusion. At our agency we provide a quick fix for our users. Our section “Travel Certificates” contains all there is to know about various Covid-19 standards that arriving travelers must complete when traveling internationally.

Without a shadow of a doubt, we take away the burden of a new procedure. Our health declaration forms are made in a simple and user-friendly manner to allow travelers to fill them in quickly and easily.

We even offer the opportunity to add a required Travel Health Certificate to your visa application, therefore applying with HandyVisas you achieve 2 aims at once.

Application Process: Transparent and Complete Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1

Select a travel authorization of the destination you are interested in and start the process in one click at “apply online”

Step 2

Fill in our step-by-step application form, and if needed, simply add more travelers. There’s no need to start the process all over again.

Step 3

Proceed to payment where you will see a summary of your order. You will be able to review payment details and check the estimated processing time.

Step 4

In case any documentation is needed for your application, we give you an opportunity to upload it later, because we understand that you may not have time. You will not have to start the process from scratch. If you need to, you can save your details and complete your application later. Log into our HandyVisas Manager and continue submitting your application, adding the documentation or modifying any information previously entered.

Step 5

We will take it from here and you can already relax. As soon as you submit your application, we will take care of everything else. Our team of experts reviews each application before submitting it to the government. They have a keen eye for detail and will ensure that it is error-free and that the documentation corresponds to all the governmental requirements. We will keep you posted about any updates with your application by email and SMS. By logging into your HandyVisas Manager you will also be able to see the status of the application for each traveler.

Step 6

You will get your approved electronic authorization by email. Additionally, we will send you an SMS, therefore with HandyVisas no notification can be missed.

To summarize, the whole process consists of 3 main steps. It’s a walk in the park!

Check visa requirements
Complete our simple and flexible application
Receive your approved travel authorization by email

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