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Discover traveling in a whole new way with HandyVisas.com - a trustworthy independent company with 3 years of industry experience.

Since 2019 our global travel services agency has been focused on providing travelers around the world with professional assistance in obtaining electronic travel authorizations.

We understand that every trip preparation includes the part of getting the right documentation to enter the destination country. Searching through multiple questionable information sources and following slow-paced governmental procedures can be overwhelming for even the most experienced travelers.

If you are planning a trip for a family, group of friends or a company retreat, it can be frustrating as there is a constant worry whether everyone has submitted the information correctly. If you add the frequently-changing travel restrictions brought on by the pandemic, your perfect vacation might quickly turn into a nightmare. At HandyVisas we take care of the most stressful part of trip preparation.

Chronology of Main Hits

We created a user-friendly platform that walks users through the step-by-step application process for travel authorizations from top tourist destinations. Our goal is to make the application process for our users secure, easy, and accurate to receive fast approval from governments.

Our application forms are specially designed to allow applications for multiple travelers for the same final destination. As a result, it eliminates the stress and is extremely helpful for group trips. HandyVisas made application processes easier than online shopping.

Our website is a treasure trove of up-to-date information about visa requirements for every country in the world, which is customized by nationality for our users’ convenience. Moreover, we offer a thorough and complete list of worldwide embassies and consulates.

Our team meticulously investigates all the information travelers require to apply online for any required documentation, for every destination, using legitimate and reliable evidence-based sources. This allows us to avoid out-of-date information and the inaccuracies found on numerous websites that give information on visas.

A walk down memory lane and the highlights of HandyVisas evolution

Behind the origin of HandyVisas Global Travel Services agency is a group of colleagues, who usually make numerous business trips, as well as leisure ones with their families.

Before HandyVisas, every time their big family had to go through the gruesome process of getting a visa from the government, they underwent tremendous stress worrying that the children´s applications may not be approved or delivered on time, and that the entire trip would be in jeopardy.

To make things worse, they had to start the process all over for each traveler of the group and enter payment details over and over again. They knew that time was of the essence and valued comfort and simplicity. That is how the idea of a “shopping cart” of visas was born and the platform that caters to multiple travelers for the same destination was created. At HandyVisas we believe that the simpler the better.

Major milestones:

Foundation of the Global Travel Service agency: HandyVisas in the heart of a Spanish travel hub that boasts a thriving service industry, but suffers from a slow bureaucratic process when it comes to getting documentation needed for a trip abroad.
Creation of the HandyVisas platform with the idea of turning the application process into an easy and carefree experience, striving to put a stop to endless navigation through webs in search of reliable information.
Building a multicultural team of top-notch experts in the travel industry.
Launched an Information Service of a comprehensive list of international embassies and consulates.
Introduction of nearly 100 tourist destinations, processing electronic travel authorizations for all 5 continents.
Growing as a community, to over 1 million satisfied website users.
Launch of our News information service so that our customers can always keep up with the fast-paced modern world: any worldwide visa policy updates, new eVisa launches, and eligibility and requirement changes for electronic visa applications.
Connecting with travelers in the social media world: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube.
New visas requirements and policies information service.
Introduction of an exclusive feature – an application for multiple travelers for the same destination. As a result, a smooth application process for a group of friends or coworkers, simultaneous multiple applications became a relief for parents traveling with children.
Customer service department with 100+ employees, available 365 days a year.
Assisted millions of people in obtaining Travel Authorizations required for international travel.
New Covid-19-related news information service.
A complete guide to Health Declaration forms.
New Travel Health Certificates service. Providing Travel Health Declaration assistance aimed to help customers to get the proper authorization in the hectic world of fast-changing entry requirements and restrictions. In the outbreak of a pandemic, HandyVisas kept supporting our customers through the application process for essential trips, remaining an island of clarity amidst an ocean of uncertainty.
New Embassy Travel Registration service.
99% approval rate from the Government.
New service that offers a pack combining an electronic travel authorization and a health declaration to ensure timely and proper completion of all the necessary requirements introduced by the Government.
A solid and trustworthy travel brand with +1Million services sold.
Introduction of our Customer Testimonials to let our clients share their experience. Achieved 4.5 stars, “Excellent”, in Trustpilot reviews.
Expansion of our services in other Languages, such as German, French, Spanish and many more, for the comfort of our clients.
New ETIAS information service.

Meet our Expert Contributors

Ekaterina Powell
Ekaterina Powell

US Immigration Attorney

Onlinevisa.com author Mauricio Torres
Mauricio Torres

US Immigration Attorney

Get a Glimpse of Customer Opinions

At HandyVisas, we value our customers’ trust above everything else. We are dedicated to providing a reliable assistance service for everyone, and our team of experts know that trust is a reward for an excellent job. In order to win it, we provide high-quality application processing services and care about every customer.

The Numbers Behind HandyVisas

Over our 3 years of experience, HandyVisas has maintained continuous growth and improvement. As a result, over 12 million people have found our platform useful, and over 1 million have trusted us to help them with getting their travel authorizations.

Additionally, 99% of documentation was delivered in a timely manner, 99% of applications were approved, and less than 1% were denied. However, according to our 100% satisfaction policy, these clients got a 100% refund in case of a denial from the government. With our agency you win 100% of the time, because you either get approval or benefit from our money back guarantee.

12 Million +
Platform users
1 Million +
Processed Electronic travel authorizations
Timely delivery
99% of approvals
Less than 1% of applications denied

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HandyVisas?

We are a reliable online visa agency that offers expert assistance with obtaining electronic travel authorizations from governments around the world. Moreover, our private company provides a comprehensive source of global visa information, as well as insightful travel tips and guides for a smooth, carefree travel experience.

What are the goals of HandyVisas?

Our core aim is to make the application process for our users safe, simple, and swift to ensure a quick government approval. We strive to become one of the top brands in the market based on our high quality services.

Which languages are available in?

Our multilingual team of visa experts serves travelers from around the world. Our website allows the user to select a preferred language, such as Spanish, German, French and many more.

Does HandyVisas have customer service?

HandyVisas facilitates a multilingual Customer Service Department with 24/7 availability. Our professional agents always do their best to help our customers solve any doubt, answer any question, and handle any complaint, acting in the best interests of our clients.

Where can I find legit reviews?

At HandyVisas we ensure absolute transparency about our services and we care about every client’s satisfaction. We let our customers’ voices be heard and we proudly showcase the evaluation they give us.
On Trustpilot anyone is able to read our customer testimonials and come to understand why we can be trusted.

How does it work?

  1. Choose a destination and fill in our simple step-by-step application form online.
  2. Our team of experts reviews your application before submission to ensure that it is error-free, processes it, and monitors the status of your application daily.
  3. Receive your Electronic Travel Authorization by email and enjoy your trip stress-free.

HandyVisas affiliated with any government?

HandyVisas is a private company that acts like a third-party service provider not affiliated with any government. We specialize in processing Online Travel Authorizations for destinations around the world.

Our role is in providing professional assistance with submitting applications for government approval. We intend to assist travelers in arriving at their destinations as easily as possible by making sure they have the proper authorizations.