Why choose HandyVisas?

At HandyVisas.com we provide more than just services, we provide solutions tailored to fulfill the needs of our clients.

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1) Simple and fast online application process.

Our application forms are user-friendly and straightforward, because we believe that the simpler the better. We guarantee quality services in a short period of time.

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2) Reliable way to get approval (99% success rate)

Expert revision ensures error-free and accurate application that results in a guaranteed approval from the Government. We take on the responsibility of ensuring that no essential piece of information is missing. Moreover, we adjust the documentation provided according to governmental requirements.

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3) Secure and risk-free process

HandyVisas strictly abides by the regulations for maintaining confidentiality of data. Your data is protected through encryption and rigid regulations.

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4) Constant support

Our Customer Service department is available 365 days a year in multiple languages.

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5) Group application

To simplify an application process for a family or a group of friends, we’ve made it possible to fill out a form for a desired destination only once. You can simply add the extra travelers and complete everything in a single sitting.

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6) Approval or refund

HandyVisas is a trustworthy company, and applying with us is a win-win situation.
We always guarantee you either approval of your document or 100% money back in case of denial.

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7) Flexibility and comfort

Only with HandyVisas do you get a variety of options regarding the processing of your application. We are flexible for your convenience, with:

  • Multiple travelers to the same destination: To save your valuable time, we give you an opportunity to simply “Add a traveler” instead of starting the process all over again for each member of a group.
  • Providing documentation: Our forms are specially designed to allow the uploading of the documents at your convenience. If you do not have all the documentation at the exact moment of completing the application, you can just continue later and won’t not have to start from scratch.
  • Time of application submission: It’s common knowledge that governments are very strict and non-negotiable. They often establish a specific timeframe for submitting an application, and so travelers sometimes have additional cause to worry. At HandyVisas, we will deal with this issue on your behalf. With us, you can apply at any time that is convenient for you. Then, taking into consideration your arrival date in the destination country, we’ll hold an application until the right time and then submit it to the government within the correct timeframe. Additionally, if you need to postpone your trip, we can adjust an arrival date at your request before submitting the application for governmental review.
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8) Delivery guaranteed

At HandyVisas, we ensure a timely delivery of your approval to your email address. However, we also provide an SMS service to ensure that you are informed that your approved travel authorization has been sent. Additionally, you have the opportunity to log into HandyVisas Manager to download the approval. Therefore, it is impossible to miss any important notifications when you use HandyVisas.com.

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9) Document recovery

At HandyVisas.com we always have your back. In the event that your approved document is lost or misplaced, you can easily recover it by email.

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10) A combo of services

At HandyVisas, we offer a range of services processing electronic travel authorizations and health declarations. A lot of travelers require both an online visa and a health certificate to enter their final destination. To simplify the process, we have combined the application procedure. Instead of applying separately for each travel document, you can just add them both to your cart and obtain both in a single action.

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11) Tracking of the current status of the application

While we handle your application, you remain fully in the loop about how the process is progressing. By logging into HandyVisas Manager, you will be able to see the status of all your submitted applications (for both individual applications as well as for multiple travelers in the same group).

Our Services vs Others

At HandyVisas we understand that travelers face the challenge of making a choice: whether to dive into government bureaucratic procedures themselves or let the hard work be done at the specialized agency. There are a plethora of agencies available, so it’s crucial to work with a company that understands your needs.

To clear up any doubts that you may have, we invite you to check out the following facts gathered by a team of independent investigators. It will allow you to weigh up all the pros and cons before you make your choice.

ServicesHandyVisasOther agencies in the travel industry
Ability to apply online around the clock, 365 days a year
Expert review of the application before submission
Application for multiple travelers to the same final destination to facilitate trips with family, colleagues , or a group of friends
Easy and flexible application form and submission of documentation
Opportunity to submit an application at any convenient time, to put it on hold until the specified submission timeframe (e.g. 72h before arrival)
Customer reviews regarding the quality of the service
Adjustment of Documentation to meet established requirements
Receive email approval and SMS-service notifications
Guaranteed approval or refund in case of denial
Customer support available 24/7, 365 days a year
Assistance in multiple languages
Privacy protection and security of the application
Approval recovery via email
A variety of accepted payments methods

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