Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Customer satisfaction is one of the Company’s priorities. Consequently, we offer our customers the option to apply for a refund in the event that they are not satisfied with our professional assistance services.

If you wish to request a refund, you will need to complete and submit the contact form in the link below, stating clearly the reason for the refund:

Contact Form

The refund request will be evaluated within 72 hours since its receipt. Our Customer Service Department will review the reasons and the particular circumstances of your case to assess the approval or denial of the refund requested. In any case, the customer will be informed of the outcome of his/her request.

The Customer must make the refund request within a maximum period of 120 days of receiving our email confirming successful payment for our professional services. After this period of time, no refunds will be approved, except in particular cases, depending on the circumstances of the Customer.


  • In the case that you are requesting a refund for multiple orders of Electronic Travel Documents, each request needs to be filled in individually.
  • Customers whose Electronic Travel Document has not been submitted to the Government on the date of the refund request will be considered eligible for a full refund.
  • Customers whose Electronic Travel Document application has been approved by the Government will be considered eligible for a refund of our service fee. In the case that an approved application refund request is accepted, the fee charged by the Government for the assessment of the approved application is non-refundable; except in particular cases, depending on the circumstances of the customer.
  • Customers whose Electronic Travel Document application has been denied by the Government are considered eligible for a full refund upon request and in accordance with the particular circumstances of his/her case, in accordance with our professional service guarantee.
  • The costs of ancillary services will not be reimbursed in any case.
  • In the event that the Fee Protection service has been hired, the refund request must be made through our Contact Form selecting the following reasons option: “I purchased a Fee Protection service and I’d like to claim a refund for a canceled trip”.

If the Customer Service Department accepts a refund request:

  • The refund will be issued within 72 hours from the receipt of the request via the same payment method that the customer has used to pay for our professional services.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to the customer as soon as the refund has been issued.

Depending on the customer’s payment entity, the refunded amount can take up to fifteen (15) business days to be received. This delay will not depend on us, rather, it will depend on each payment entity.

If you need any further information about our Refund Policy, you can contact us at

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