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Discover the advantages of our affiliate program.

There are various benefits of joining numerous social media creators, influencers, and bloggers who are earning an extra income with the HandyVisas Affiliate Program.

Take a closer look at everything our affiliate program has to offer:

Why choose our affiliate program?

Earn 20% commission with us. HandyVisas boasts elevated conversion rates because not only does it offer competitive prices, but it is also a trusted brand.
Bring valuable content to your users, and recommend reliable services that facilitate traveling around the world. We provide our customers with high quality products for competitive prices.
A smooth and swift journey into affiliate marketing. We review and accept your application within 72 hours.
Our program is 100% cost-free to join.
We own an exclusive affiliate platform where you get access to a breadth of resources, including a wide range of ready-to-use creative materials to inspire you and help generate ideas.
Dynamic control panel to check your statistics, performance reports and payment history. Monitoring your performance can help you identify opportunities for improvement and earn more commission in the future.
We have 100% in-house highly experienced professionals who offer personalized services.
Dedicated account manager for support and guidance.
Enjoy commission for sales you made months ago (Our cookie duration is 365 days).

Join our program in 3 easy steps:

Step 1

Easy and cost-free signup

Step 2

Check out and select digital assets for your social media (or website, blog, or other platform)

Step 3

Earn commission. Our competitive conversion rates help to maximize earnings.

Payout thresholds

  • You get paid monthly
  • Once the minimum of 50 USD is accumulated, your payment is released
  • Access to payment history and sales
  • 100% upfront with our partners

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