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South Africa Traveller Declaration for Entry

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South Africa Traveller Declaration Information

South Africa has digitalized its entry form. All international travelers must now complete the customs declaration form for South Africa online.

The South Africa Traveller Declaration is an essential part of planning your trip. Any passenger entering the country must have the entry form for South Africa, including:

  • Foreign visitors
  • South African citizens
  • Residents of South Africa

You need to complete a customs declaration form online when arriving in the country by any means: air, sea, or road.

The purpose of your visit and the length of time you plan to stay in South Africa does not affect the entry form — even passengers in transit have to complete the declaration.

You must complete a new electronic South Africa Traveller Declaration each time you travel. Each entry form can only be used once, for the date you specify.

In the past, passengers would have to fill in a paper South Africa customs declaration form in-flight or on arrival.

Now, the online South Africa Traveller Declaration makes the process simpler and hassle-free. Complete the form at home at your leisure before your journey.

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South Africa Entry Form Requirements

Completing the Traveller Declaration for South Africa is quick and simple to do for all passengers.

There are only a few basic electronic South Africa traveller declaration requirements to meet.

The required information to add on your South Africa entry form includes passport details and your travel information.

This means you must have a valid passport and provide the following:

  • Passport number
  • Country of issue

You also need to provide details of your trip to South Africa, including:

  • Date of arrival
  • Where you are traveling from
  • Flight number / Ship name / Vehicle registration number (depending on mode of transport)

This means that if you are traveling by air or sea, you are required to book your flight or voyage before completing the South Africa customs form online.

If you are entering the country by road, you must provide details of the vehicle you will be traveling in. If this is not your own vehicle, you will need to make your booking before filling in the South African entry form.

You will also have to provide an email address to receive your finished entry form for South Africa and details of a credit or debit card to pay the processing fee.

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South Africa Visa FAQ

  • What is the Travel Health Declaration form for South Africa?

    The South Africa Traveller Declaration is a mandatory immigration and customs form for all passengers entering South Africa.

    It is done 100% online.

    It allows South Africa’s border control to monitor who is crossing their borders and ensures that passengers can clear customs on arrival.

  • Do I need a travel declaration for South Africa?

    Yes, all passengers need to complete a travel declaration before arriving in South Africa.

    This is not limited to foreign visitors — South African nationals and residents of the country must also complete the online Travel Health Declaration form when returning to South Africa.

  • What documents I need to travel to South Africa?

    The list of documents required to travel to South Africa depends on your nationality.

    All travelers must have a valid passport and need to complete the online South Africa Traveller Declaration and present it on arrival.

    Many foreign visitors will also need a South African visa. Nationals of certain countries may visit visa-free. Some nationalities are eligible to apply online for the South Africa eVisa. Others  must apply at an embassy.

  • What is the validity period of the South African Traveller Declaration?

    Each South Africa Traveller Declaration is valid for the arrival date specified only.

    You must know the details of your journey when filling in the form and state your date of arrival. If your plans change, and you will arrive on a different date, you must complete a new South Africa Traveller Declaration. This is because the old one will not be valid for the new date.

  • Is the South Africa Traveller Declaration valid for multiple entries?

    No, the South Africa entry form is only valid for a single entry. You must complete a new declaration each time you enter the country.

    Luckily, this is quick and easy to do thanks to the straightforward online form.

  • What ports of entry can I use with the South Africa Traveller Declaration?

    You must have a completed South Africa Traveller Declaration when entering the country at any port or border crossing.

    It is required whether you arrive by air, land, or sea.

  • What should I do if I have made a mistake on my South Africa Traveller Declaration form?

    Mistakes or inconsistencies in your traveler information can cause issues at customs on arrival in South Africa. It is vital to make sure that the details you provide on your South Africa Traveller Declaration are accurate.

    If you believe you have made a mistake, you should complete a new declaration form online. The new declaration will automatically replace the old one.

  • How long does it take to get my South Africa Traveller Declaration?

    South African Traveller Declarations are processed rapidly. Most passengers receive their finished declaration within 24 hours — often within minutes. At most, it will take 2 days to receive your entry form.

  • Can I obtain my South African Traveller Declaration online?

    Yes, you can fill in your South Africa Traveller Declaration here with HandyVisas.

    Enter your details into the fields provided in the online form. After submitting your declaration, you’ll receive your finished entry form by email. The entire process is done completely online.

  • Do children need a South Africa Traveller Declaration?

    Yes, all passengers, including children, need a completed South Africa Traveller Declaration. If you are a parent or guardian, you can fill in and submit your child’s (or children’s) form(s) on their behalf.

  • Do I need to print a copy of the South Africa Traveller Declaration?

    You can either print a copy or download it to your mobile device. You must be able to show your South Africa Traveller Declaration to a customs officer upon arrival.

    It is advisable to do both, so that you have a back-up in case your mobile device runs out of battery.

  • Can I extend my Traveller Declaration in South African?

    No, the South Africa Traveller Declaration can only be used once. There is no way to extend it for another trip. You must simply complete a new declaration form online before you return to South Africa.

  • How can I renew my Traveller Declaration for South Africa?

    Rather than renewing your previous Traveller Declaration, you must fill in a new one. This takes a matter of minutes, since the online form is short and straightforward.

  • Do I need a Traveller Declaration if I am in transit in South Africa?

    Yes, transit passengers also need to complete a South Africa Traveller Declaration.

  • Is the South Africa Traveller Declaration easy to get?

    Yes, it is very easy to get a South Africa Traveller Declaration. All you need to do is enter the required information into the short online form. You can find the form right here — click the green “Apply Online” button to get started.

    It takes just a few minutes to fill in the customs form with your details. Soon after, you will receive your completed entry form for South Africa by email.

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