South African eVisa Now Available to Ghanaians

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South Africa has added Ghana to its eVisa list. Ghanaian nationals can now apply online for a visa to visit the Republic of South Africa.

Previously, citizens of Ghana had to go to a South African High Commission to fill out visa paperwork and provide documentation, such as their passport and a bank statement.

Following this change in South Africa’s visa policy, Ghanaians can complete the visa application form online, saving time and effort.

The South African electronic visa, or eVisa, is generally regarded as the most convenient way to visit the country as a tourist or on business trips. However, it is only available to a select group of nationalities.

Ghana has now joined this exclusive list.

South African eVisa Now Available to Ghanaians

New Rules for Ghanaians Traveling to South Africa

Citizens of Ghana still need a visa to visit South Africa. However, the good news is that they can now apply online from any computer or device, rather than having to apply in person.

According to the statement from the South African High Commission, the old method of applying for a visa has been replaced with a more streamlined process done entirely online.

Ghanaians applying for a South Africa visa only need to enter their details into the online form.

They no longer need to provide extensive supporting documentation when submitting the application, as was previously the case.

Documents needed on arrival in South Africa

Only details of a Ghanaian passport are needed to get the visa. However, the following supporting documents must be presented at border control when arriving in South Africa:

  • Valid Ghana passport
  • Letter of invitation/proof of accommodation
  • Bank statement

These documents were previously required when applying for a visa at the High Commission.

Once these items and the eVisa have been verified, the passenger will be able to enter the country.

The South African High Commission to Ghana’s Statement

On Thursday, September 28, 2023, South African authorities officially announced that Ghana would be added to the list of eVisa-eligible countries.

The news was delivered by the South African High Commission in Ghana, which released a statement to the media:

“The High Commission of the Republic of South Africa wishes to inform that Ghana has been added by the Government of the Republic of South Africa on the E-Visa list, which means that Ghanaian Nationals can apply online for visas…”

The statement confirmed that Ghanaian passport holders would no longer need to visit the High Commission in person to apply for a South African visa. Instead, the application can be done online.

The statement went on to add that if your passport has been High Commission for 3 months or more, you can collect it at the VFS Global Offices.

South Africa’s Expanding eVisa Program

South Africa’s eVisa system was launched in 2020, modeling the electronic platform on the various other electronic visa systems used by other countries around the world.

Initially, it was only available to nationals of Kenya, and soon expanded to allow holders of passports issued by China, India, and Nigeria to apply online.

Since then, more nationalities have been added to the list as the South African eVisa program has slowly expanded.

Ghana is the latest addition and is surely not the last.

Ghana is also planning to launch an eVisa, although the system is not yet online. It is expected that South Africans will be eligible as part of a reciprocal arrangement.

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