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    HandyVisas is a global travel service agency with many years of experience working with visas and travel authorization systems.

    We aim to make it as easy as possible for you to get the visa or authorization that you need.

    Our dedicated team of writers, editors, and researchers use their expertise in this field to provide you with the latest information about what you need to reach your destination.

    We monitor the latest developments in countries’ visa policies and entry requirements and publish this information on our site. We also provide the latest news on new visa programs, travel restrictions, border closures, and other things that may affect your journey.

    Our pages include:

    • General information about visas, visa waivers and travel authorizations for specific countries
    • Visa policies of different states and territories around the world
    • Visa requirements for travelers of different nationalities
    • The latest travel and visa news
    • Travel restrictions and certificates to do with COVID-19 and other global events
    • Locations of diplomatic missions (embassies, consulates, etc.)
    • FAQs about travel
    • Glossary entries for terms connected with travel documentation

    Articles written and reviewed by HandyVisas

    • Sri Lanka Extends Visa-Free Entry for 7 Countries
    • China Expands Visa Exemption to 6 More European Nations
    • Kurdistan Implements Visa-Free Entry for 53 Countries
    • Vietnam Plans to Expand Visa Exemption Policy
    • Malawi Grants Visa-Free Entry for Nationals of 79 Countries
    • Libya to Launch e-visa System for all Visa Types
    • Brazil Delays Visa Requirement for US, Canada, Australia Until April
    • Turkey Grants Visa-Free Travel for 6 New Countries
    • Devi Ahilyabai International Airport Now Accepts India e-Visas
    • Kenya Introduces Visa-Free Entry for All in 2024
    • The Philippines Suspends e-Visa for Chinese Visitors
    • China Introduces Temporary Visa Exemption for 6 Countries

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