Libya to Launch e-visa System for all Visa Types

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The Libyan government has announced the imminent launch of an electronic visa (e-visa) system for Libya.

This move is poised to streamline the visa application process for all types of visas, including tourist and work visas.

The introduction of the e-visa system is a game-changer for Libya’s tourism and labor sectors. By simplifying the visa application process, Libya aims to attract more tourists and foreign workers in particular, which is crucial for the country’s economic revival.

By regulating the influx of expatriate workers through electronic work visas, the government aims to address labor market imbalances. Moreover, it will ensure that foreign workers’ contributions align with the country’s economic objectives.

The system, developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour and the Libyan Telecommunications Company, will ensure a seamless application and payment process for visas.

Libya to Launch e-visa System for all Visa Types

The Road to the Launch of an e-visa System for Libya 

The electronic visa system is a result of meticulous planning and coordination among a committee of various Libyan government departments.

These include the Passports and Nationality Department, the General Information Authority, and the Administrative and Financial Affairs Department Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The committee was formed at the behest of Prime Minister Abd Alhamid Aldabaiba to create a workable system that helps to increase the number of people who arrive in Libya.

The e-visa for Libya was first announced on November 1, 2023, after a meeting to discuss logistics was held in the country’s Cabinet Office in Tripoli.

A further meeting to discuss developments was held in Tripoli on 21 January, 2024, after which it was confirmed the system is now close to launch.

During the second meeting, the committee emphasized the need to prioritize the launch of the e-visa for foreign workers. They examined the actions taken so far to implement the electronic application, payment, and issuance of visas for this target market.

Reciprocal Visa Agreements and Exemptions for Libya

Libya’s e-visa initiative is part of a broader diplomatic strategy, including recent reciprocal visa agreements and exemptions with countries like Egypt and Turkey.

These agreements, based on mutual benefits, facilitate easier travel for citizens of these countries, reflecting Libya’s commitment to strengthening regional ties and cooperation.

The exemptions for certain age groups from Egypt and Turkey, in particular, demonstrate Libya’s approach to diplomatic reciprocity and cultural exchange.

In 2023, Libya relaxed visa requirements for Turkish citizens, as nationals of Türkiye under the age of 18, as well as all women and men over 55, are now visa-exempt. The same applies to Egyptian citizens (although the threshold for men is 45 and over).

The launch of Libya’s e-visa system marks another significant step towards international engagement. The countries eligible for the Libya e-visa have not yet been announced. However, it’s likely that those able to apply for a tourist visa on arrival will make the list.

These include most European and South American nationalities, Australians, Russians, Japanese, New Zealanders, South Africans, Canadians, and US citizens.

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