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Brazil Customs Declaration Form (e-DBV)

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Brazil Customs Declaration Form Information

One of Brazil’s entry requirements for travelers is to complete an Electronic Traveler’s Declaration of Goods (e-DBV).

You can do the Brazil e-DBV online before your journey, for your own convenience.

All passengers must have a completed Brazil customs declaration form when they arrive in the country. It must be shown at border control.

Whatever your purpose of travel — tourism, business, or even returning home to Brazil — you will need the e-DBV.

Each Brazil customs declaration has a single use — it can only be used for that trip. Each journey you make to Brazil will require you to complete a new e-DBV.

The e-DBV is required when arriving in Brazil by air, land, and sea. It is also used by passengers transiting through the country.

This online customs form was introduced to replace the old paper declaration.

It is much simpler and quicker to complete using a computer or device. You can easily get your e-DBV from your phone.

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Brazil e-DBV Requirements

There are no required documents to be uploaded when completing your e-DBV for Brazil.

However, you must have a valid passport, as you must enter the passport number and country of issue.

It is a requirement to use this same passport when traveling to Brazil.

The main focus of this electronic travel declaration is to provide information about what you are bringing into Brazil.

You are required to provide information about anything you need to declare at customs. This includes anything you may have to pay duty on, as well as cash and items worth more than USD $10,000.

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Brazil Visa FAQ

  • What is an e-DBV?

    The e-DBV is Brazil’s customs declaration form.

    In the past, customs declarations were done on paper forms, but nowadays, this has been replaced by an electronic form. This Electronic Traveler’s Declaration of Goods is known as the e-DBV.

    All passengers must complete the e-DBV online and provide details of what they plan to bring into Brazil.

  • What do you need to enter Brazil and clear customs?

    You will need a valid passport to travel to Brazil. Passengers of many nationalities will also need a visa.

    Importantly, you also need to have a completed Brazil Electronic Traveler’s Declaration of Goods (e-DBV).

  • Who needs the e-DBV?

    All passengers arriving in Brazil must have an e-DBV and present it at customs.

    This includes foreign visitors, Brazilian citizens, foreign residents of Brazil, and travelers in transit through Brazil.

  • How long is the Brazil e-DBV valid?

    The Brazilian e-DBV is valid for one journey. Each time you travel to Brazil, you must complete a new e-BDV form online. This is quick and easy to do, thanks to the convenient online declaration system.

  • Can I obtain my Brazil e-DBV online?

    Yes, the e-DBV is exclusively available online. It has replaced the old paper declaration forms completely.

    Under current rules, you must complete the e-DBV online before you arrive in Brazil.

  • How do I apply for a Brazil e-DBV?

    Simply fill in the short online declaration form. You can do this through our website for convenience.

    All you need to do is enter the required information about yourself, your travel plans, and any items to declare in your luggage.

  • What information do I need to provide in my Brazil online customs declaration?

    When filling in the e-DBV, you must enter the following details:

    • Personal information: name, nationality, date of birth, etc.
    • Passport details: passport number and country of issue
    • Travel plans: airline or transport name, flight number, date of arrival, etc.
    • If you are bringing any unauthorized or controlled goods — e.g. firearms, animal and plant products, motorized vehicles, etc.
    • Items or cash to declare at customs
    • Other immigration questions

    After this, you may submit your electronic customs declaration.

  • What do I need to complete my customs declaration for Brazil?

    You need a valid passport to complete the e-DBV.

    It is not necessary to provide an image of your passport. You must simply enter your passport number and the country that issued it.

    You will also need to provide a current email address to receive the completed e-DBV once it has been processed.

  • How long will my Brazil e-DBV take to process?

    The Brazilian e-DBV declaration is generally processed very quickly. Many travelers receive their completed form within 24 hours.

    In times when there is a high volume of e-DBV forms to process, it may take up to 2 days at maximum.

  • Is the Brazil e-DBV easy to get?

    Yes, it is very simple to get the Brazil e-DBV. You just fill out a short online declaration form. Conveniently, you can do this here on this website.

  • Is the Brazil e-DBV valid for multiple entries?

    No, you need a new e-DBV for each journey you make to Brazil. Once you present your e-DBV at Brazilian customs, it cannot be used again.

  • How much USD can I carry to Brazil?

    There are no limitations on the amount of foreign money you can bring into Brazil.

    You can bring up to USD $10,000 or equivalent to Brazil, without having to declare it.

    If you bring more than this amount, you must declare it on your e-DBV.

  • What can I not bring to Brazil?

    The following items are prohibited:

    • Narcotics
    • Firearms
    • Ammunition
    • Medicines
    • Radioactive materials

    You must declare on the e-DBV that you are not bringing any of these into the country.

  • What are the customs allowances for Brazil?

    You can bring the following items into Brazil tax-free:

    • Tobacco — 400 cigarettes or 25 cigars
    • Alcohol — up to 2 liters
    • Items worth more up to US$ 3,000

    Any more than this, and you will have to declare it on your e-DBV.

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