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Colombia Immigration Card Information

The Check-Mig for Colombia is a mandatory electronic entry document for all travelers visiting Colombia.

The Colombia Check-Mig form must be completed by all passengers and shown to officials when entering and exiting the country.

The Check-Mig was originally introduced as a health declaration form for Colombia during the COVID-19 pandemic. It has now become a general immigration form for Colombia.

The purpose of the electronic Colombia entry form is to save time at border control, by reducing the time it takes to attend to each traveler.

The information collected from the Colombia migration form is used to monitor who enters and leaves Colombia.

You can complete the Colombia immigration form online in just a few minutes. You simply need to fill in basic personal, passport, and travel details.

You then pay the processing fee and submit the form. Within 1-2 days, you receive an email with your approved Check-Mig for Colombia.

Keep in mind that the Colombia Check-Mig is not a visa. We advise you to revise the Colombia visa policy, as you may also need a visa for your trip.

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Electronic immigration form for Colombia
Mandatory for entering and departing Colombia
Valid for a single entry/exit
For entry by air only
What Is Necessary?
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Valid passport

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Credit/Debit Card

Valid credit/debit card

Requirements to get a Check-Mig to enter to Colombia

To meet the Colombia Check-Mig requirements, you need to have:

  • Passport valid for at least 6 months from the intended arrival date in Colombia
  • Current email address to receive the approved Check-Mig
  • Debit/credit card to pay the Check-Mig fee

To complete the Colombia Check-Mig form, you need to fill in personal, passport, and contact information, including:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Country of birth
  • Country of citizenship
  • Passport number and issue/expiry date
  • Phone number

You also need to provide travel information such as:

  • Entering or leaving Colombia
  • Arrival/Departure date
  • Flight number

Once you receive your approved Check-Mig for Colombia via email, you can print a paper copy to present on arrival. Or you can simply show it to immigration officials on a mobile device.

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Colombia Visa Policy


Check the visa policy of Colombia to see which travelers need an entry permit under Colombia’s current rules and regulations.

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Colombia Visa FAQ

  • What is the Check-Mig form for Colombia?

    The Colombia Check-Mig form is a travel document requirement to enter or leave Colombia. It must be shown along with any other necessary paperwork, such as a Colombia eVisa.

  • Who needs to complete the Check-Mig for Colombia?

    Any visitor entering Colombia from overseas, or departing, is obliged to show a completed Colombia Check-Mig form. This includes Colombian nationals and residents.

    If you fail to do this, you will be obliged to complete a paper form to enter Colombia or when leaving. This can slow down the immigration process, and could even lead to you being refused entry or boarding your departing flight.

  • Is Check-Mig mandatory for entering and leaving Colombia?

    Yes, all passengers entering or leaving Colombia by air need to show a completed Check-Mig form. This includes Colombian nationals and residents.

    A separate Colombia immigration form must be completed for each journey in and out of the country. Without a completed form, you will not be allowed to cross the border or board your flight.

  • Is anyone exempt from the Colombia travel declaration form?

    There are no exemptions for the Check-Mig for Colombia. All passengers must have this document, or risk being refused entry into Colombia or from departing the country.

  • How long is the Colombia Check-Mig valid for?

    The Colombia travel declaration form is only valid for a single entry into or out of the country. Once a Check-Mig has been used to enter or exit Colombia, a new form must be completed to cross the border again.

  • How do you fill out a Check-Mig form for Colombia?

    To complete a Colombia Mig form, you need to supply basic personal and contact information, including your name, nationality, and email address.

    You also have to fill in passport data, such as the document number and issue/expiry date.

    Finally, you’ll need to indicate travel details, including your date of arrival/departure and flight number on the form.

  • When can I apply for the Colombia travel form?

    You can submit your Colombia migration form at any point before your trip, up to 48 hours before departure.

    We recommend you apply no later than 48 hours before your flight to ensure sufficient processing time.

    Nevertheless, if you urgently need a Colombia Check-Mig, you can opt for our 1-hour guaranteed priority processing service when you submit the form.

  • How long does Check-Mig take to process?

    The standard processing time for the online Colombia immigration form is 1-2 days.

    However, if you urgently need to travel to Colombia, you can select our priority processing option when submitting your application. This guarantees the Check-Mig is processed within 1 hour, for a small extra fee.

  • Do I need a Check-Mig for all my children? Should I include them on my application?

    Yes, all passengers arriving or departing Colombia require an individual Check-Mig, including minors. Parents or guardians can fill out a Colombia travel authorization form on behalf of their children.

  • What can I do if I make a mistake in my Check-Mig application?

    We advise you to carefully check for any errors on the Check-Mig Colombia form before submitting the application to avoid processing delays or rejection.

    However, if you notice you have made a mistake after sending in the form, you can contact us, and we will correct it if it has not yet been submitted for processing,

  • Is it easy to get a Check-Mig for Colombia?

    Yes, getting a Check–Mig is a simple process. It only takes a few minutes to complete the Colombia travel health form using the online system.

  • Is the Check-Mig valid for multiple entries?

    No, the Check-Mig is only valid for a singleentry. A separate form needs to be completed for each journey into or out of the country.

  • Do I need a Check-Mig if I am just in transit in Colombia?

    Yes, all passengers need an approved Check-Mig for Colombia, even if they are just transiting through Colombia to an onward destination.

  • Do I need to print a copy of the Colombia entry form?

    It’s not mandatory to print a copy of the Colombia Check-Mig: you can simply show the approved document on a mobile device. However, you may print the document to show it in paper form if you prefer.

  • What ports of entry can I use with the Colombia check-mig immigration form?

    You can enter any airport in Colombia with the Check-Mig. You do not need it if entering Colombia by land or sea, as it is a requirement for air travel only.

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