Trial of Singapore Electronic Arrival Card Launched

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Singapore has expanded an electronic trial version of its arrival card which all foreign citizens entering the country are required to complete. The trial electronic system was launched on August 14th and replaces the paper disembarkation and embarkation card which was a necessary requirement to travel to the country.

The new trial will allow international travelers entering the country via selected air, bus, and ferry operators to complete an arrival card electronically before arriving in Singapore. Eligible citizens are able to complete the online card up to 14 days before the intended arrival in the country.

The intention of the new electronic system is to speed up the process of clearing border control for international visitors to Singapore, as travelers who have already completed an electronic arrival card will simply be able to hand their passport to an immigration officer to gain entry to the country.

Travelers are able to complete the electronic travel card directly on the Singapore government’s Immigration and Checkpoints Authority website, or through a dedicated mobile app. Those who use the mobile app are able to directly upload an image of their passport’s biographical information page instead of having to manually enter their information.

Singapore Electronic Card Launched for selected travel operators

Those who apply through the web-based option will be required to enter their full name,  local address, and their travel document number in order to submit the form, with all the information retained within government databases so that applicants can retrieve it for future trips.

Singapore Electronic Arrival Card available for a few transportation carriers

The selected transport operators on which travelers will be able to able to enter the country with an electronic arrival card for Singapore are as follows:

  • Airlines: AirAsia, Jetstar Asia, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines
  • Ferry companies: Batamfast Ferries, Bintan Resort Ferries, Horizon Fast Ferry, Majestic Fast Ferry
  • Bus operators: Transtar Travel

All foreign citizens are able to apply for the electronic arrival card, with the exception of those who have been issued an in-principal approval (IPA) to work in Singapore. Those with an IPA are not eligible to apply for the trial electronic system and are required to complete a paper disembarkation/embarkation card.

It is also not necessary for Singaporean citizens, permanent residents of Singapore, or those who have a long-term pass to work or study in the country, to either complete an electronic arrival card or a paper disembarkation/embarkation card.

Although the electronic arrival card is currently only available for those entering the country on selected transportation carriers,  the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore plans to expand the program to all international travelers by 2021.

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