Equatorial Guinea Launches E-Visa for All Foreign Travelers

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The government of Equatorial Guinea has launched a new E-Visa system to facilitate the entry of all foreign nationalities to the country.

The Equatorial Guinea E-Visa launched on July 1. It is now available through a simple online application system. An approved E-Visa for Equatorial Guinea permits either tourism or business visits.

“With our new E-visa Service, Tourists and Business people from all over the world can easily, securely and faster get a visa to travel to EG and are most welcomed”, said the Prime Minister of Equatorial Guinea, Manuela Roka Botey.

Equatorial Guinea Launches E-Visa for All Foreign Travelers

How the Equatorial Guinea E-Visa System Works

The Equatorial Guinea E-Visa System allows travelers to easily get an online visa for the country in 3 simple steps:

  • Complete the user-friendly electronic application form with basic personal, passport, and travel information
  • Upload supporting documents in digital format
  • Pay the E-Visa fee securely online and submit the form

Once processed, the applicant will be advised of the outcome via email. Upon approval, the E-Visa is sent electronically to the applicant.

The system was developed by VFS Global. This company has offered innovative and highly secure online visa solutions to countries around the world since 2002.

“VFS Global is proud to extend its eVisa solutions to our newest client government- Equatorial Guinea with the launch of the new eVisa portal”, said Hariprasad Viswanathan, Head of VFS Global in Sub Saharan Africa.

“We ensure our partners who avail of our eVisa solutions have a powerful and efficient system in place that is easily integrated with their existing immigration systems using our scalable and customizable experience”, Viswanathan added.

Benefits of the Equatorial Guinea E-Visa

The Equatorial Guinea E-Visa service removes the need to visit an embassy or consulate of Equatorial Guinea to apply for a traditional visa. This efficient system significantly reduces waiting times and expedites the entire visa acquisition process.

Viswanathan expressed his opinion that the new system is “a highly secure and seamless experience that elevates the overall experience of the traveller”.

“With a globally accessible portal that is accessible by all nationalities across the world, we expect an increase in inbound travel to this hidden gem in Central Africa”, Viswanathan added.

Equatorial Guinea is already an increasingly popular destination for business travelers. However, the government is hoping the new system will also significantly boost tourism to the country.