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What Documents Should I Bring When I Travel Abroad?

Before embarking on international travel, it’s important to check the required documentation for your destination.

Some countries and territories require visitors to have specific papers in order to pass through immigration.

These policies can differ depending on the territory, but you should follow all the standard requirements.

Having all your documents in order avoids you being refused entry at border control.

Documents You May Need When Travelling Abroad

Most destinations will require visitors to have similar paperwork to enter.

If you are unsure of what the mandatory documents are, it is recommended that you travel with all of them.

You can contact the relevant embassy or consulate to find out more information about what overseas visitors are required to have.

A Valid Passport

For international travel, a passport is usually required.

If you do not already have this travel document, you will need to apply for one in advance before your trip.

Always ensure that you allow adequate processing time, as it can often be a lengthy procedure.

Your passport usually needs to be valid for at least 6 months from the date you travel. This rule can vary, depending on your destination’s immigration policy.

Make Passport Copies

It is recommended to make copies of the photo page of your passport, in case it is lost or stolen.

Always travel with a copy, and keep it separate from your passport.

Get a Visa If Necessary

Depending on the country or territory you are traveling to, you may need a visa to enter.

Visa requirements depend on the nationality of the visitor. It is important to check your destination’s visa policy before organizing your trip.

The most common and convenient way to apply for a visa is through an online visa provider, if this service is available.

Check whether you need a THC

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many governments now require visitors to complete a travel health certificate (THC) before arrival.

This additional requirement acts as a health declaration for the passenger. It allows the issuing authorities to:

  • Monitor who enters and leaves the country
  • Confirm that each passenger meets their specific COVID-19 entry requirements, such as a negative test, vaccination, etc.
  • Easily communicate with visitors if they have been in contact with someone who has tested positive
  • Check travelers have booked accommodation if they’re required to quarantine

If this type of document is a mandatory part of your destination’s coronavirus policy, you must complete it to be granted access through immigration.

Failure to show a completed travel health certificate will result in refused entry.

Foreign currency when traveling

When traveling abroad, it is recommended that you arrange the relevant currency before reaching your destination.

This saves you time as you will not need to organize it once you have arrived.

By obtaining the correct currency in advance, you can also save money. You avoid having to use your credit or debit card overseas, which can incur extra fees.

Do I need travel insurance to travel abroad?

It is usually not mandatory to have travel insurance, although in some countries it is a requirement.

It is recommended that all travelers invest in insurance, even if it is not mandatory, to avoid any unexpected costs when abroad.

If you have travel insurance, it is important that you carry a copy of your insurance plan details. This makes it much easier if you need to make a claim while you are overseas.

Printing your flight tickets

Although most travelers now manage their flight bookings through a digital device, it is still advisable to carry a paper version too.

This avoids the risk of losing access to your digital copy, providing you with a backup solution.

Proof of Accommodation to travel

Some countries and territories require all arrivals to provide proof of booked accommodation.

This rule has become especially utilized in light of the pandemic.

You may need to upload your accommodation details as part of your Travel Health Certificate, as mentioned above.

Regardless of your destination’s entry requirements, it is recommendable to carry a copy of your booking, as a backup for the digital copy.

Copies of all identification documents

When traveling overseas, it is highly advisable to make a copy of all of your identification documents.

This covers you in the case of loss or theft, and makes it easier for authorities to identify you.

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