Does My Passport Number Change When I Renew It?

A passport number is a serial number specific to each passport. Commonly, this series of digits represents where the document was issued and the applicant.

Your passport number is vital when applying for an electronic visa or a paper visa as it identifies you and your unique ID. It is also critical when booking a flight.

How Does Renewing Your Passport Affect Your Passport Number

When you receive your new passport, it will have a different number.

Some people mistakenly think that the passport number is unique to them and that it is forever. However, that is not true.

Each individual passport book has its own unique number. When a new document is issued, it will come with a different number to any held by you previously. Each passport you own will have a different number.

The new passport number will be needed for any flight reservations and visa applications that are needed for any upcoming trips.

The old passport number will no longer be valid.

How does a new passport number affect visas?

In terms of visas, remember that a passport number changes every time a new passport is issued.

When you renew your passbook, any valid eVisas, visas, and travel authorizations registered to your old document will become null and void. This is the case for most online visas and visa waivers.

Travelers will not be able to board any flights or use any visas arranged using an old or expired passport number.

Booking flights while renewing your passport

Do not book flights while your passport is being renewed. Wait until you have your new passport number before buying your tickets.

Some airlines might let you change your passport details online if you have an account with them, but that is not always the case. Remember that you will not be able to travel if the passport numbers on your reservation and your passbook do not match.

Where Is My Passport Number?

The passport number is located on the main page of the passport, along with the holder’s photo and information.

The exact position of the passport number on the page varies depending on the country of issue. In most cases, it is found in the top right corner, but not always. It can contain numbers as well as letters.

You can also locate it by looking in the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ). Your passport number is the first 9 characters of the second line of the MRZ.

How to Find the Passport Number without the Passport

If you need to know your passport number but do not have your passport book, you have to get in touch with your government’s passport agency. Remember that a passport is a security identification document and it is issued by governments only.

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