Djibouti Visa Policy

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Visa Policy for Djibouti

The visa policy of Djibouti determines who may enter the Eastern African country without a visa and which foreign citizens need a visa for Djibouti.

Whether or not a visa for Djibouti is required, all travelers are required to present a passport valid for at least 6 months from arrival to gain entry. It may also be necessary to show proof of a confirmed ticket for onward or return travel.

At present, there are only 2 nationalities that do not need a visa for Djibouti. All other foreign citizens are required to have an approved visa to visit the African Republic, no matter how long they intended to stay or the motive for travel.

Citizens of the majority of countries worldwide can now obtain an eVisa for Djibouti. The simple online Djibouti visa application was implemented to expedite entry to the country for foreign tourists. It eliminates the need to wait in long border queues to apply for a visa on arrival.

A Djibouti eVisa may be issued for purposes of tourism, business, or transit. Online Djibouti transit visa permits a stay of 3 days, while a tourist or business eVisa allows a single entry stay of up to 31 days in the country.

To visit Djibouti for longer stays, or to obtain a work visa, student visa, or resident visa for the country, it is necessary to apply for a travel visa from the nearest Djibouti diplomatic government office.

There are not currently any Djibouti visa bans in place.

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Tourist Visa Policy for Djibouti

Djibouti’s immigration policy for tourists states that around 240 nationalities need a visitor’s visa to travel to Djibouti for tourism.

Previously, foreign tourists were able to obtain a visa on arrival for Djibouti at a border checkpoint of the country. However, in 2018 the Djiboutian government implemented an online tourist visa to expedite entry at immigration control and remove the need to wait in long border queues to fill out an application form.

The simple tourist eVisa application for Djibouti can be filled out in just a few minutes exclusively online. To complete the form, applicants are asked to fill out basic personal, passport, and travel information, and to pay the eVisa fee using a valid credit or debit card.

Once processed, within a few business days, an approved Djibouti tourist eVisa is sent to the traveler’s current email address. They are then required to print a copy to present to immigration authorities on arrival at Ambouli International Airport, alongside the same passport they used to complete the online application.

An approved Djibouti eVisa for tourism is valid for a single entry tourist stay of up to 31 days in the country.

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Djiboutian immigration requirements state that over 240 nationalities are now able to apply for an eVisa for Djibouti. This electronic visa program was implemented by the Djiboutian government in 2018 to replace the now-defunct visa on arrival facilities in the country.

The Djibouti eVisa greatly expedites the visa application protocol by removing the need to wait in long immigration lines at the border to complete a visa on arrival form and supply supporting documents in paper form. Instead, applicants can complete a simple online application form in a matter of minutes, to receive an approved eVisa sent by email.

An online visa for Djibouti is usually processed quickly, within a few business days. After the traveler receives the approved eVisa in their email inbox, they can print a copy to carry with them when traveling to Djibouti. Holders of a Djibouti eVisa should note that it is only possible to enter the country through Ambouli International Airport.

A Djibouti electronic visa may be issued for purposes of either tourism, business and commerce, or to transit to an onward destination. The tourist and business eVisas are valid for a single entry stay of 31 days in Djibouti, while the transit eVisa is valid for up to 3 days of transit through the country.

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  • Andorra

Visa Not Required

Djibouti visa rules and regulations state that there are currently only 2 nationalities that do not need a visa to visit the country.

At present, ordinary passport holders of Singapore and the United Kingdom are granted visa exemption for Djibouti. Additionally, holders of a Chinese passport endorsed “for public affairs” are also granted visa exemption for Djibouti.

To gain visa-free entry to Djibouti, it is only necessary to present a passport with a minimum validity of 6 months on arrival at an immigration checkpoint in the Republic. The passport must contain at least 2 blank pages to receive entry/exit stamps.

Border officials may also ask to see proof of a confirmed ticket for return or onward travel, as well as proof of vaccination against yellow fever (if the traveler is arriving from a yellow fever belt country).

Visa exemption for Djibouti is usually granted for short-term stays in the country. Visa-exempt individuals who wish to visit for longer stays or for purposes such as to work or study should contact their embassy or consulate of Djibouti for further information about whether a visa will be required.

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