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Tanzania eVisa Requirements for Canadian Citizens

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The Tanzania Electronic Visa (eVisa) for citizens of Canada is a digital tourist visa that can be obtained online by filling in a short form.

If you are planning to visit the African country of Tanzania or the islands of Zanzibar, the Tanzanian eVisa for Canadian citizens provides the quickest and simplest way to gain authorization to enter.

The streamlined application protocol for an electronic visa eliminates the need to wait in long immigration queues to obtain a visa on arrival for Tanzania or to visit a Tanzanian embassy or consulate in Canada to apply for a visa in person.

On this page, you can learn about the Tanzania eVisa requirements for citizens of Canada that you need to meet to submit an application, and how to apply for a visa online in just a few minutes.

Do Canadian Citizens Need a Visa for Tanzania?

The visa policy of Tanzania states that all citizens of Canada need a visa to travel to Tanzania and Zanzibar no matter the purpose of the visit or the intended period of stay.

Canadian citizens are now able to obtain a tourist visa for Tanzania exclusively online through the simple eVisa application.

This can be completed in a matter of minutes. The approved Tanzania eVisa for Canadians is then delivered by email within a few business days.

The entire process is done via the internet, using a computer or device. There is no need for the Canadian applicant to go all the way to a diplomatic mission to deal with paperwork in person.

To visit the country for purposes other than tourism or leisure as a Canadian passport holder, it will be necessary to contact the Tanzanian Embassy in Canada for information about the different visa types available and how to apply.

What is a Tanzania eVisa for Canadian Citizens and What Does It Do?

Introduced in 2018, the Tanzanian eVisa for Canadian citizens is an electronic tourist visa. It was implemented to allow travelers from Canada to gain expedited entry upon arrival at a Tanzanian border control checkpoint and avoid having to wait in long visa on arrival queues.

It permits the holder a 30-day stay for tourism or leisure in Tanzania and Zanzibar.

The online Tanzania tourist visa for Canadians is a single-entry eVisa. Once approved, it is valid for a total of 90 days to enter Tanzania from the date of issue.

How Can I Apply for the Tanzania eVisa from Canada?

Canadian citizens are able to apply for a Tanzania eVisa by completing a simple online form.

To fill in the application, it is necessary to supply the following information:

  • Basic personal details (name, nationality, etc.)
  • Passport data (passport number, expiry date, etc.)
  • Travel plans (reason for traveling to Tanzania or Zanzibar, intended date of arrival in the country, etc.)

Applicants are also required to upload the supporting documents requested in digital format, You will also need to pay the Tanzania eVisa fee using a valid credit or debit card authorized for online payments.

Documents required for the Tanzania eVisa for Canadian Citizens Application

Tanzania online visa requirements for Canadian citizens state that applicants must have the following supporting documents at hand to successfully submit an eVisa form:

  • Canadian passport with a minimum validity of 6 months from the intended arrival date in Tanzania or Zanzibar, containing at least 1 blank page
  • Digital image of the biographical page of the passport
  • Confirmed return or onward flight tickets
  • A recent photograph of the traveler in digital format, passport-style.

As the passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond the date of arrival in Tanzania, documents that will expire earlier than this will not be accepted for an eVisa application. In such cases, it will be necessary to renew the passport before continuing the application process.

Canadian nationals with dual citizenship and multiple passports should note that it is necessary to complete the eVisa form with the same passport you will later use to travel to Tanzania. 

How Will I Receive my Tanzania eVisa from Canada?

An approved Tanzania eVisa for Canadians is sent to a current email address provided by the traveler when completing the online form.

Tanzania eVisas are typically received within 6 business days — often even sooner. Passengers are advised to apply at least one (1) week prior to their trip to Tanzania.

The traveler will receive 2 documents via email, an application notification letter and a visa grant notice.

Both of these documents must be printed to present to immigration authorities upon arrival in Tanzania or Zanzibar alongside the traveler’s Canadian passport, to gain expedited entry to the country.

An approved Tanzania eVisa from Canada can be used for entry at any of the following border checkpoints: 

  • Abeid Amani Karume International Airport
  • Julius Nyerere International Airport
  • Kilimanjaro International Airport
  • Namanga Border Crossing
  • Tunduma Border Crossing

It is also possible to gain entry at any seaport in Tanzania and Zanzibar using an approved online visa for Canadian citizens.

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Covid Update for Tanzania

Last update: 14/12/2023

International travel to Tanzania is now open and eligible citizens can apply for a Tanzania visa online. Passengers are subject to medical screening on arrival.

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