Philippines Health Declaration Form: e-CIF

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Currently the Philippines e-CIF is not processed. The Philippines eTravel is a mandatory requirement to enter or leave the country.

Traveling to the Philippines? All international travelers must complete a Philippines health declaration form to enter the island country.

The Electronic Case Investigation Form (e-CIF) has been introduced due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is meant to keep track of those entering the country and minimize potential transmission of the virus.

Who Needs a Health Declaration Form to Travel to the Philippines?

All international passengers must fill in an Electronic Case Investigation Form, or eCIF, to travel to the Philippines.

The health declaration form must be completed online before the trip. The traveler will then receive a QR code.

This will be scanned upon arrival to gain entry to the country.

Filipino nationals and their families, foreign residents of the Philippines, and visitors from abroad must all have the QR code from an e-CIF to enter.

The e-CIF is not an alternative to the Philippines eTA. Travelers that require the eTA must also complete a health declaration form online.

Philippines Health Declaration Form Requirements

In order to apply for the e-CIF, it is necessary to meet the Health Declaration form requirements.

As a part of the online declaration form, applicants need to provide the following items:

  • Digital (scanned) copy of their passport information page
  • Current email address to receive the e-CIF QR code
  • Method of payment (credit or debit card)

Check if your nationality is allowed to enter the Philippines under the current coronavirus travel restrictions.

How to Complete e-CIF Online Registration for the Philippines

Filling in the health declaration form application for the Philippines takes just a few minutes.

This is the information you will be asked to provide to apply for the ECIF online registration.

Basic personal information:

  • Full name
  • Nationality
  • Date of birth
  • Age
  • Civil status

Your contact details, including:

  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Emergency contact while in the Philippines

General questions to assess whether the traveler is at risk of having COVID-19, such as:

  • Travel history
  • Employment (e.g. if the individual is a frontline worker)
  • Health

Apply online for your Filipino e-CIF now and be sure to get access to the Philippines on your next trip there.

Applicants can attach any relevant coronavirus test results. In most cases, this is not mandatory.

All travelers will have to upload a digital copy (scan) of their passport to their e-CIF application.

What Is the Philippines e-CIF System?

The e-CIF system is an online application service that allows international travelers to get a health certificate needed to enter the Philippines.

It was introduced in order to reopen Philippine borders to international travelers while monitoring the coronavirus situation. Several other countries around the world have introduced similar travel health certificates.

The e-CIF is sometimes referred to as the “Philippine Red Cross registration” due to the fact that the system was set up by the Red Cross.

The Philippines e-CIF takes the form of an online questionnaire. Passengers are required to answer a few simple questions about themselves and their health. It usually takes under 10 minutes to complete.

Why do travelers need to complete an e-CIF?

The e-CIF is a health measure to combat COVID-19.

Rather than maintain a complete travel ban, the Philippines has opted to open its borders to certain travelers, provided they have completed a health declaration form.

The idea is that by assessing which passengers are at risk of carrying coronavirus and taking their contact details, Filipino authorities will be able to isolate any outbreaks.

If a traveler on a flight is diagnosed with COVID-19, all other passengers can easily be contacted and the appropriate steps can be taken.

Do I need to print my Philippine Health Declaration Form?

No, it is not necessary to print the Filipino e-CIF form, although it is a good idea to have a printed copy just in case.

Once the online health declaration form for the Philippines is complete and has been processed, the traveler will receive a QR code. This will be delivered to the email address they provided on the e-CIF.

The QR code must be brought to the Philippines. It must be presented on arrival in the Philippines for the passenger to be allowed to enter.

You can display your e-CIF QR code by:

  • Printing it from the email you have received
  • Showing the digital image on your mobile device

It is not necessary to print the QR code, but it is an option if the individual prefers to carry a paper copy.

Application Steps

Complete online application
Confirm Payment
Receive Health Certificate

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Travel Health Certificate FAQS

  • Do I need an e-CIF to travel to the Philippines?

    Yes, all individuals traveling to the Philippines must fill out the e-CIF online before departure. Another alternative is to complete Philippines One Health Pass.

  • Do I need a PCR test to enter the Philippines?

    Passengers on flights to Davao (DVO) are required to take an RT-PCR test within 72 hours beforehand. They must present a negative result upon arrival.

    International travelers arriving in any other part of the Philippines will be given an RT-PCR test on the 7th day in the country, during their quarantine period.

  • Do international travelers need to quarantine in the Philippines?

    Yes, all passengers arriving in the Philippines from abroad must quarantine for at least 14 days. During this time, they will be tested for COVID-19.

  • Do children need an e-CIF for the Philippines?

    Yes, all passengers must have their own completed e-CIF, including children and infants. Parents and guardians may fill in the Philippines health declaration form on behalf of their dependents.

  • Where can I find the Philippines health declaration form?

    The health declaration form for the Philippines can be found online and completed via the Electronic Case Investigation Form (e-CIF) system.