Cameroon Launches Online Visa Application Platform

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Lejuebe Mbella of Cameroon’s Foreign Ministry has announced that the country is finally launching its eVisa application portal on April 30, 2023.

Mbella stated that once the Cameroon online visa application is live, all foreign nations need to apply through the platform for an entry visa for the country for certain purposes.

The visa types issued online will include tourist visas, business visas, and transit visas. Online visas for tourism and business are available for both long and short-term stays.

Previously, applicants had to wait for 10 days or more for their visa for Cameroon to be processed. Cameroon eVisas will now be processed within 72 hours on the standard service, or within 24 hours on the express service for an extra fee.

The eVisa for Cameroon was first announced in July 2022, and the government had hoped to introduce the program by the end of that year. However, the launch was postponed to ensure the system was properly implemented.

Cameroon Launches Online Visa Application Platform

How to Apply for a Cameroon Visa Online

To apply for a Cameroon visa online, foreign nationals only need to:

  • Complete the simple electronic application form
  • Upload digital copies of the supporting documents
  • Pay the Cameroon eVisa fee online using a credit or debit card
  • Check the information provided is correct and submit the form

Once the visa is processed, applicants will receive a notification of approval or denial by email.

Mbella confirmed that they will then need to either go to the nearest Cameroon embassy or consulate to pick up the approved document. Alternatively, they can collect the visa at a border control point on arrival in the country.

However, he also said that “an online visa authorization, together with a QR code” will be available for applicants who live in areas which are not served by a nearby embassy or consulate of Cameroon.

Why Cameroon Is Bringing its Visa Application Online

The decision to bring Cameroon’s visa application process online is part of the country’s efforts to modernize its visa system.

By digitizing the visa application process, Cameroon hopes to attract more tourists to the country. It will streamline the visa application process for everyone involved.

The new online visa application platform will also enable the government of Cameroon to better manage its visa program. It will also improve screening procedures, as potential security risks will be more easily detectable.

“Cameroon’s e-visa system is part of an effort to turn Cameroon into a more attractive destination”, according to a statement issued by the country’s government. It hopes to address “some of the concerns of Cameroon’s diaspora and [align] our consular system with the highest international standard”.

In conclusion, Cameroon’s new online visa application platform is a game-changer, as it will make it easier and more convenient for foreign nationals to visit Cameroon. There’s no longer a need to collect a range of paper documents to bring to an appointment at an embassy or consulate of Cameroon or endure long processing times.