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Jordan Pass Requirements for Citizens of United Kingdom

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The Jordan Pass for UK citizens is an all-access pass to several tourist attractions in the country, which also includes a Jordan visa.

British citizens can apply for the Jordan Pass completely electronically, without the need to visit an embassy or consulate of Jordan in the United Kingdom.

The pass waives the payment of a Jordan tourist visa fee, as long as the British passport holder’s trip lasts 3 nights or more.

Learn more about the entry requirements, the application process and more details about the Jordan Pass for UK visitors.

Documents Required to Apply for a Jordan Pass from the UK

UK citizens can obtain the Jordan Pass by completing a simple and straightforward online application process.

Before completing the electronic form, travelers from the United Kingdom must meet the following basic entry requirements:

  • Valid British passport with at least 6 months of remaining validity
  • Current email address where all Jordan Pass correspondence, including the pass itself, can be sent
  • Debit or credit card to pay the Jordan Pass fee online

Another key condition for UK nationals is that they should plan at least a 3-night stay in Jordan in order to enjoy the benefit of not having to pay the tourist visa fee.

Allowed ports of entry for UK citizens to use the Jordan Pass

Citizens of the United Kingdom can use their Jordan Pass to obtain a free visa on arrival from the following border checkpoints:

  • Queen Alia International Airport (when arriving by air)
  • Sheikh Hussein Bridge – Jordan River Bridge (when arriving by land)
  • Wadi Araba border – Eilat-Aqaba border (when arriving by land).

Please take into consideration other ports of entry do not issue a Jordan visa on arrival. Brits planning to enter the country at other locations should consider using their Jordan Pass to obtain an embassy visa in advance. Travelers of the UK are advised to check the Jordan visa policy for further information.

What Is a Jordan Pass for British Travelers?

The travel document gives access to over 40 attractions, including a 3-day visit to Petra. In addition to this, the Jordan Pass for the UK waives the payment of the Jordan tourist visa fee. This saves the traveler money and makes it easier to visit the country.

It is important to note that the Jordan Pass is not a visa, and by itself does not give UK tourists entry to the country.

However, the QR code on a Jordan Pass entitles British citizens to claim a Jordan tourist visa free of charge. This is usually a Jordan visa on arrival, but could also be a visa from an embassy if getting the visa on arrival is not an option.

It’s worth mentioning that children below 12 years of age do not need the Jordan Pass to visit tourist attractions in the country. If accompanied by parents or guardians who have the pass, children can visit the tourist sites for free.

Do UK citizens need their passport or ID to visit attractions?

While visiting tourist attractions in Jordan, citizens of the United Kingdom need to present a valid passport or government ID as well as their Jordan Pass. In the absence of these documents, it is necessary to purchase the entry ticket to the attraction.

Since the Jordan Pass for the UK gives access to multiple tourist attractions, it proves to be more economical than purchasing tickets for each tourist attraction.

Do UK citizens need a visa for Jordan?

A valid Jordan visa is required to enter Jordan as a UK citizen, even if travelers have their Jordan Pass.

British visitors can apply for a Jordan visa on arrival (on selected ports of entry) or obtain a traditional visa in their nearest Jordan embassy or consulate.

If they have a Jordan Pass and are planning to remain in the country for at least 3 nights, citizens of the United Kingdom are eligible to request a Jordan tourist visa for free (price already included in the payment of the Jordan Pass).

For further information, visitors are invited to check the visa requirements for UK citizens when traveling abroad.

Application Process to Obtain a Jordan Pass as British Tourist

Applying for a Jordan Pass from the United Kingdom is quick and simple. You must complete an electronic application form, which includes the following fields that need to be filled out:

  • Personal details: Full name, date of birth, gender, country of residence and citizenship
  • Passport data: Number, issuance date, and expiry date
  • Contact information: Email address, phone number, and home address

The last step to complete the Jordan Passport application as a UK national is to pay the processing fee with a debit or credit card. This includes the cost of a Jordan visa for Brits, saving the applicant money on travel costs as well as entry fees to tourist attractions.

The whole process does not take more than 20 minutes.

Processing time for Jordan Pass from the UK

Obtaining a Jordan Pass from the United Kingdom does not take long. The usual processing time is 1 to 2 business days. Therefore, British passengers can expect to receive an email within 48 hours with the Jordan Pass in an attached document and in PDF format.

Citizens of the United Kingdom should submit their application at least a few days ahead of their trip to Jordan in order to avoid any delays and last-minute inconveniences. Please remember that a visa is also required (this can be obtained upon arrival at border control).

What Is the Validity of a Jordan Pass for British Applicants?

British passport holders can visit the country with a Jordan Pass any time within the next 12 months after applying.

The Pass can be used for 2 weeks after visiting the first tourist attraction in Jordan.

The Jordan Pass entitles the holder to a free single-entry tourist visa. Citizens of the United Kingdom can use this visa to stay in Jordan for a period not exceeding 30 consecutive days

Important Jordan Visa Information for Citizens of UK

When you are leaving the country, the Jordan border authorities will require the Jordan Pass and other travel documents, such as the Tourist Visa for Jordan and the British passport.

This procedure is meant to check whether visitors from the United Kingdom have complied with the established minimum and maximum stay in the country.

If the 3-night minimum stay to waive the price of the tourist visa is not met, British citizens will need to pay the fee before exiting the country.

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Covid Update for Jordan

Last update: 25/05/2023

Travelers are now able to visit the country for tourism if they have an approved Jordan Pass (easily obtained online). Passengers must complete a “Declaration Form” before departure and present the QR code on arrival. Exemptions: nationals of Jordan and their spouses and children; passengers who can get a visa on arrival; passengers with a permanent diplomatic QR code.

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