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Ethiopia eVisa Requirements for Americans

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Citizens of the United States of America planning a visit to Ethiopia can get their visa online through a rapid and convenient application system.

The Ethiopia electronic visa (eVisa) for US passport holders is widely considered the quickest and easiest way to get authorization to enter the African state.

Simply fill out a short online form and you will receive your Ethiopia eVisa for Americans within 2 working days.

Applicants must meet a few basic Ethiopia visa requirements for American citizens to complete the online process and receive their eVisa.

Do I Need a Visa to Travel to Ethiopia from the USA?

Yes, all passengers traveling with a US passport will require a visa to enter Ethiopia.

The quickest and easiest way to get an Ethiopia visa for Americans is to apply online for the eVisa.

The Ethiopian online visa allows US citizens to visit the country for short-term stays, making it the perfect option for a vacation or for backpacking around the African nation.

To enter the country for other purposes or to stay long-term, US passport holders will need to inquire about the relevant visas and/or permits at an Ethiopian embassy or consulate.

What Is an Ethiopia eVisa for American Nationals?

The Ethiopia eVisa for United States passport holders is an electronic visa that can be obtained online. It is regarded as the most convenient way to get a tourist visa for Ethiopia.

The specifications of the Ethiopia eVisa for Americans are as follows:

  • Single-entry electronic visa
  • Grants US visitors entry to Ethiopia for either 30 or 90 days
  • For tourism and leisure purposes

US nationals can obtain an eVisa for Ethiopia by completing a quick form online. The eVisa is then delivered by email within 2 business days.

The approved Ethiopia eVisa for US citizens is valid for a single entry. If the holder wishes to re-enter Ethiopia after leaving, they must simply apply for another eVisa through the user-friendly online platform.

The Ethiopian government introduced the Ethiopia eVisa in 2017. It was designed to make it easier for American citizens to apply for  a travel permit.

Advantages of the Ethiopia eVisa for Americans

The eVisa for Ethiopia is regarded as the best option for Americans visiting the country for tourism and leisure. The electronic system has several advantages for US applicants:

  • Quick, user-friendly application done online
  • No need to deal with paperwork in person at an Ethiopian diplomatic mission
  • Rapid processing time (much faster than embassy visas)
  • Avoids queues to apply for visa on arrival
  • Visa is approved electronically before traveling to Ethiopia, avoiding the risk of having a visa on arrival denied at the border

Travel to Ethiopia from the United States

Once granted, the Ethiopia eVisa allows US travelers to enter the country at Bole International Airport, located in Addis Ababa, the country’s capital.

Bole International Airport is the only authorized port of entry to Ethiopia with an eVisa. As mentioned earlier, US citizens arriving with an eVisa can go straight to the eVisa fast track counter at Bole International upon arrival.

How Do I Get an Ethiopian eVisa for US Citizens?

The Ethiopian eVisa is very easy to get from the United States. Travelers must simply complete a quick application form online.

Americans must enter the required details, including the following:

  • Basic personal information (name, date of birth, nationality, etc.)
  • Passport details
  • Contact information

They must also answer a few questions related to travel plans, health, and security.

The entire process takes a matter of minutes. Once you are satisfied that the form is complete and all the information is accurate, submit your Ethiopia eVisa application. The visa will be delivered by email shortly after.

Documents Required for an Ethiopia eVisa for United States Citizens

If you are thinking of applying for an Ethiopia eVisa from the United States, you must meet the country’s requirements for US nationals when filling out and submitting the forms.

The documents and information you will require include:

  • Valid United States passport with at least 6 months’ validity from the date of entry
  • Photograph of the applicant, passport-style
  • Digital image of the passport’s biographical  page
  • Credit or debit card with which to pay the visa processing fee
  • Email address, which will be used for all communication and delivery of the approved Ethiopia eVisa

American travelers should be aware that the eVisa for Ethiopia is not transferable to another passport. Therefore, they should remember to use the same travel document for the application as the one they will use while visiting Ethiopia.

If the passport used to apply is lost, stolen, damaged, or otherwise rendered invalid, you will need to apply for a new eVisa with your new passport.

How Will I Receive My Ethiopia eVisa from the United States?

The Ethiopia eVisa for US nationals is delivered by email after completing the simple online application.

Americans usually receive their eVisa within 2 business days of applying. Please note that this can take slightly longer during busy periods, so it is best to apply at least a week in advance of your intended travel date.

US visitors should print out a copy of the eVisa or store a copy on their phone to present to border officials on arrival.

Additional information for the Ethiopia eVisa for US citizens

The tourist visa policy for Ethiopia offers detailed information for Americans and all of the visa options they have to travel to Ethiopia. However, despite the fact that there are other options such as a visa on arrival or an embassy visa, the eVisa option is the most convenient application process for US citizens,

Obtaining an Ethiopian visa on arrival for US nationals involves waiting in long queues at the airport’s passport control. They will also have to carry all of their official documentation plus the amount of money in cash required to pay the visa processing fees.

Lastly, there is also a risk that the Ethiopian authorities may deny the visa on arrival to applicants, forcing them to return to the US on the first available flight.

The eVisa provides the peace of mind of having a visa approved before traveling. It also avoids the need to queue to apply on arrival. This allows the traveler to clear immigration much quicker, wasting less time at border control after the long journey.

Application Steps

Complete online application
Confirm Payment
Receive approved Visa
eVisa Ethiopia Processing time
1 - 2 days
Ethiopia government fee
52 to 72 usd
Our service fee
47 usd
99 to 119 usd
Optional services:
Embassy Registration
Service fee includes
Fast processing timeFast processing time
Application reviewExpert application review
Online supportOnline support 365 days a year
High success rate99% application success rate
Apply Online

Covid Update for Ethiopia

Last update: 26/01/2023

Ethiopia has now lifted all coronavirus restrictions. The country is fully open to international visitors, and you can easily apply for an eVisa for Ethiopia online.

Ethiopian Embassy in the United States

American citizens who plan to apply for an Ethiopian eVisa do not need to visit an embassy in order to do so. This is because the Ethiopian eVisa application is completely online and done from the comfort of the applicant’s home.

US citizens who plan to stay in Ethiopia for longer than the allotted time or for purposes other than tourism will need to contact their nearest embassy for further information.

The Ethiopian Embassy in the United States of America can be found at this address:

Los Angeles

3460 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 308, Los Angeles, CA, 90010


Los Angeles

3460 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 308, Los Angeles, CA, 90010


Washington DC

3506 International Drive, NW 20008


Washington DC

3506 International Drive, NW 20008


The US STEP Program

Citizens of the United States are encouraged to register with the country’s STEP scheme, which is formally known as the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program.

This additional service gives travelers peace of mind when traveling abroad and comes with many advantages. Travelers who have signed up with STEP will receive helpful updates on the current security situation in Ethiopia, as well as make it easier for the local U.S. embassy to reach them in case of an emergency.

When obtaining your visa through our site you can choose to add this registration.

Country policy

Ethiopia Visa Policy


Learn about the visa policy of Ethiopia and discover the travel requirements for your nationality.

American Tourism in Ethiopia

Despite being fairly unknown to the North American market in the early 2000’s, Ethiopia quickly established itself as an interesting and exotic destination after creating the Ethiopian Tourism Organization in 2014.

The campaign was so popular in the United States that it attracted more than 139,000 tourists after its first year, and has put Ethiopia on the map ever since! In fact, Americans were one of the most common international visitors in Ethiopia, followed by China, India, and the United Kingdom.

Some of the most notable tourist attractions American travelers visit include the famous rock-hewn churches, Lake Tana, and Blue Nile Falls.

  • Year

    Non-resident arrivals from the United States

  • 2015


  • 2016


  • 2017


  • 2018


  • 2019


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FAQ for Americans Visiting Ethiopia

  • How long can US Citizens stay in Ethiopia with an eVisa?

    When filling out the online application, US citizens may choose between a 30- or 90-day single-entry electronic visa.

    The 30-day eVisa is a better choice for travelers who are visiting Ethiopia for the first time and plan to visit the main tourist attractions, while the 90-day visa is better for longer stays (i.e., visiting family or exploring the country).

  • How much is an Ethiopia Visa for American Nationals?

    The price of an Ethiopian eVisa for American citizens varies depending on the type, duration, and purpose. Applicants will be able to see the final price after they finish the online form and may pay with a credit or debit card.

  • Do US Citizens need a visa for a layover in Ethiopia?

    US citizens who have a layover in Ethiopia do not require an eVisa if they do not leave the airport. However, travelers who have a longer layover and wish to enter the country formally will need to have a valid travel document (such as an Ethiopian eVisa) beforehand.