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Bahrain eVisa Requirements for Citizens of India

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The Bahrain electronic visa (eVisa) service allows Indian citizens to get their tourist or business visa quickly and easily by applying online. They can apply from the comfort of their homes without needing to organize a trip to an embassy or consular office.

Indian passport holders can visit Bahrain with an electronic visa for short-term visits. Bahrain’s eVisa system was implemented for visitors from more than 120 countries worldwide in 2016.

Simply complete a short online form to receive your Bahrain eVisa for Indian citizens by email.

Do Indian Citizens Need a Visa for Bahrain?

Yes, passengers with passports issued by India must have a valid visa to travel to the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The fastest and simplest way to apply for a Bahrain visa for Indian citizens is online, using the electronic visa system.

Indian nationals can apply for the Bahrain eVisa in minutes using a computer, phone, or device connected to the internet. This online visa can be used to visit Bahrain for tourism or business.

If you are interested in relocating to Bahrain for job-seeking opportunities or as a permanent residence, we recommend scheduling an appointment at the Bahraini Embassy in New Delhi or Consulate in Mumbai for more suited visa products.

Types of Bahrain Online Visas Available for Indian Travelers

Indian citizens can apply for a few different types of Bahrain visa online, according to the visa policy for Bahrain. They can choose from one of the following Bahrain eVisas:

  • 2-week, single-entry Bahrain eVisa — allows one visit of up to 2 weeks
  • 1-month multiple-entry Bahrain Visitor eVisa — allows multiple visits of up to 1 month each
  • GCC 30-day, multiple-entry Bahrain eVisa — only available for those Indian travelers who have legal residence in one of the neighboring Gulf Cooperation Council countries. It grants entries of up to 30 days each time.

The selection of the right visa depends on the Indian visitors’ own circumstances and travel needs.

Why do Indian Nationals need a Bahrain eVisa?

Indian citizens can partake in the following activities with the eVisa for Bahrain during their visit:

  • Tourism
  • Professional meetings and events
  • Trade activities

It is important that nationals from India remember that the eVisa cannot be used to pursue employment (paid or otherwise).

Conditions Indian Applicants Must Meet to Obtain the Bahraini eVisa

Applying for a Bahrain eVisa is a quick and simple process for citizens of India. As with many destinations, travelers must meet a few basic visa requirements for Indian citizens.

The requirements to apply for the Bahraini eVisa for Indian travelers include the following:

  • Possess an Indian passport valid for at least the length of the trip and the validity of the visa you are applying for
  • Take digital images of the passport’s biographical page and the last page
  • Have a credit or debit card to pay the Bahrain eVisa processing fee
  • Register their eVisa application with an email address
  • Provide travel plans such as a return ticket of accommodation details
  • Share a copy of a stamped bank statement confirming you have a balance of at least BD300

Your Indian passport must continue to be valid for longer than the visa you are applying for AND the length of time you intend to stay in Bahrain. If there is any doubt about the validity, you may be denied entry. For this reason, it is advisable to renew your passport if there is less than 6 months’ validity remaining from the arrival date

Applicants from India will also have to submit their travel itinerary, including their arrival date or hotel booking. If they plan to stay with a relative or friend, they will have to share their host’s accommodation details.

Lastly, they will also have to ensure their debit or credit card has been previously authorized for international travel and payments.

Application Process for the Bahrain eVisa from India

The eVisa form is a simple online questionnaire with standard travel questions that usually takes a matter of minutes to fill out. The Kingdom of Bahrain requires Indian applicants to share the following information and passport details:

  • Full name
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Country of birth
  • Job title
  • Purpose of visit
  • Email account
  • Phone number
  • Passport number
  • Passport expiry date
  • Passport issuing country

The next step is to provide their bank statements, travel plans, and accommodation details. It is imperative that citizens of India review that all the information supplied is correct and true, since mistakes could lead to issues processing the visa.

There is a small eVisa fee to cover the cost of processing the application. Indian travelers can action payment via a secure digital platform and should simply ensure their debit/credit cards carry sufficient funds to cover the cost.

Indian families traveling with children to Bahrain with the eVisa

Indian children traveling to Bahrain should also apply for an independent eVisa unless they are under 7 years of age and/or are included in their parents’ or legal guardians’ passports.

In that specific case, they are allowed to enter the country via a joint application.

Besides this case, and as a general rule, all Indian nationals must have a Bahraini electronic visa.

Processing times for the Bahrain visa from India

Bahrain eVisa applications are usually processed in 5-8 business days. Indian nationals will then receive confirmation of their visa by email to the account they provided.

Travelers from India who have filled in the forms correctly should receive an approved eVisa directly linked to their passport.

Traveling to Bahrain with the eVisa from India

Most Bahrain eVisas for Indian visitors can be used to enter the country by air or by land.

Indian nationals can only use the GCC eVisa at the Bahrain International Airport. 

Border officials will ask you to show your eVisa and the Indian passport you registered in the visa application to be granted entry into the country.

Visa on arrival for Indian visitors traveling to Bahrain

Currently, it is unusual that Indian citizens choose the visa on arrival since the Bahrain eVisa provides additional security and more comfort.

A visa on arrival means carrying documents to the border, waiting in line and paying the fee in cash, which is considered less convenient by most visitors. This is why the Bahraini government developed its electronic visa system, which enhances the travel process by making it easier and completely online.

If a Bahrain visa on arrival application is denied, you will not be allowed to enter the country and will have to return home. Applying for an eVisa in advance ensures that you have an approved visa before traveling.

Application Steps

Complete online application
Confirm Payment
Receive approved Visa
eVisa Bahrain Processing time
3 - 4 days
Bahrain government fee
24 to 77 usd
Our service fee
55 to 56 usd
79 to 152 usd
Optional services:
Embassy Registration
Service fee includes
Fast processing timeFast processing time
Application reviewExpert application review
Online supportOnline support 365 days a year
High success rate99% application success rate
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Covid Update for Bahrain

Last update: 17/03/2023

Foreign nationals can now visit Bahrain if they have obtained an approved Bahrain eVisa. All COVID-19 restrictions have now been lifted.

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